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Hot Topic Debate [entries|friends|calendar]
Hot Topic debate

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[16 Sep 2006|04:38am]

[ mood | amused ]

I just remembered something my mom said about Hot Topic once:

"It's funny that it says "all about the music." Seems more like it's about the TV."

...And that is very true. :3

On that note, take a look around there sometime. What do you see merchandised in there? Anime, old video games, various movies, stuff with cartoony robots on it, claymated Burton films, Star Wars...

It all seems so obvious now! This isn't a store for punks, goths, or "posers" of any flavor. This store... Is for GEEKS! XD Which makes it all ok in my opinion. I am not part of any group that worries about "posers." I am, however, a geek. I mean, majorly. Geeks don't worry about this stuff. They actually have a "take care of their own" kind of mentality. Instead of laughing at someone for not knowing about something, they tend to gush over it to the person and tell them to hurry and check it out. If there are elitists in a particular group, they're usually the ones being put back in line for belittling people.

In short: I, in theory, would lose none of my credibility for shopping there. :3 I have a get out of jail free card! Nyeh! XD


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[09 Feb 2006|02:08pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Is there anyone here who genuinely likes the stuff at Hot Topic but doesn't like it because they got turned off to it because so many people hate it or because they don't want to make an idiot of themselves by shopping there?

You see, I have that problem. I love the stuff you can buy there, but I can no longer stomach going in there. I just feel so stupid, because I don't want to be involved with the steriotype of people who shop there.

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Beh. [27 Dec 2005|12:57am]

[ mood | irate ]

Hello, all. I'm Katie, but most like to call me Atagamay. It's like Yamagata, only backwards.

I'd like to express my rather confusing viewpoint on this issue.

My problem is that I want to shop there. I want to buy anime stuff, you see. But it'd be bad if I did, because... Well, that's just the rules. I, personally, want to know who the hell made up that rule so I can throttle the devil out of them. They ruined my fun, you see. In a perfect world, I'd be happy to go into a store that sells merchandise featuring an anime or band that I like. Because I love stuff like that. I like wearing something that's like a nod to fellow fans of whatever it advertizes. And it really ticks me off that the only store within an hour of here that sells anime stuff is some kind of horrible taboo.

So basicly, my position is an odd one. I resent the fact that I have to hate it to be acceptable in certain groups, if that makes any sense. I wish they'd just butt out about it. I'd like to be able mentioning buying something there without opening a can of worms.

When did that start, anyway? Was it always so bad?

And that's all I have to say about that horrible, horrible social construct.


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Hiya [19 Oct 2005|04:23pm]

I used to hate hot topic, but then I realized how silly that is. Its a store like any other. Instead of martha stuart they sell towls with skulls on it. big freakin deal. Its also silly to hate a store, because its a store. If there wasn't a demand for it, they wouldn't exsist. I dont shop there because, personally I haven't really seen anything Ive wanted there. (Tho I have just been informed that they have B.B. King T-shirts, so I will go and grab that up)

Also Ive read some of the other posts on the whole band T-shirt thing, and a funny little fact for those that get angry when hot topic sells band t-shirts of bands they adore is, that the band they adore is willingly allowing theyre t-shirts to be sold there. So shouldn't you be mad at your favorite artist and not a store?
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[24 Aug 2005|07:02pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Pop culture can't be exploited any more than it already is by a store.

You just hate hottopic because you're being an "individual". So go ahead and make your own totaly sick clothes, and shop at thrift stores. Complain about how you could 'make those pants for less than $10', or how they have Blondie skirts and they're ruining a perfectly good artist. Truth be told: you're probably just jealous that you can't afford half the stuff in there.


So shut up, you pseudo-individualist youth. You're just as bad as them.

edit: I don't cry when I see someone wearing the same Doors shirt as me. I go up to them, and ask them if they've read the Lizard King. If they haven't, and they have no idea what I'm talking about.. I feel better about myself. And closer to God.

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[09 Aug 2005|07:14pm]

Hi. I like Hot Topic, yes, but I am not punk, and I am not goth. I listen to Evanescence, yes, because I like the music. People always assume I am gothic and depressed because of that. I am neither. I wear black because I like the color and because dark colors generally look much better on me than light colors, I have no idea why. >>; I shop at Hot Topic because I like the clothes, though I admit the only things I ever actually bought there were one shirt and an Evanescence poster before my mom declared it was too expensive. I hate shopping in general actually, I swear if I could I'd just make it all myself. However, I admit I've been on HotTopic.com many times, Firefox knows my password. I have done this because I have zero clothes and that's what comes closest to the insane ideas my mind comes up with. If I could make it all myself, I'd actually probably stick a raven on the clothes somewhere as my "signature" of sorts. Heh. But Rara's a raven now, so..
Anyway, views on Hot Topic: Probably the only store I might find something in that I would wear if I had a choice, because like I said, I have zero clothes, and I hate most of them. Old, basically. So, yes.

And I think I will learn how to make my own clothes someday, but until then, Hot Topic. But my money's still going toward building myself a decent computer. And no, I'm not a geek either.


Oh, and Shadow implies nothing gothic, I actually got it randomly from the Shadow Particles in His Dark Materials when Laura declared herself Dagger.
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My views on hot topic [09 Aug 2005|12:46am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey there everyone I only joined to make this one post, I figured it'd be better than to just post my opinion in a comment in the anti-hot topic community...

I'd have to say I'm very neutral on Hot Topic.
I do shop there, I won't lie...but I don't view myself as "Punk" or "Goth" or anything...I grew out of that phase when I was 14 years old. I consider myself just a person, myself, with no labels attached. I don't think that makes me a "poser", do you? People who consider themselves as punk or gothic or...anything else for that matter, are just trying to find themselves and trying to find where they fit in. There's nothing wrong with that. However, I can't STAND it when people take these labels so seriously. This of course relates to people who only shop at Hot Topic and scorn all other stores. It's ridiculous.

I also don't have any negative views on Hot Topic because of the artists they promote. People say they've "sold out". Well, in my views, all artists want to make it big. They all want to be popular and listened to by many people, that's an artists dream. True, there are some bands that really just make the music to get the money, but I feel that there are some artists who actually take their music seriously...just because they sell merchandise doesn't mean they don't care about what they're producing.

So yes, I promote Hot Topic in the sense that I like the clothes. Not all of the clothes, hehe (some of it looks horrible), but just whatever fits my taste. Afterall, it's just a store.

The thing I don't like about Hot Topic is basically how overpriced it is. Tripps are like, 40-50 dollars...I can MAKE clothes for much cheaper, it just takes longer and I'm not that experienced yet. It's so obvious that they're making a huge profit through over-priced items because some of it just ISN'T well made. I've bought clothes there that have come apart. That really pisses me off, and makes me very careful before I buy ANYTHING from there.

Anyways, that's my rant and I'm sticking to it. Sorry for length!

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[01 Aug 2005|06:48pm]

I have a couple things about this store and the people that go there that bothers me. First of all, most of my friends that go there always feel the need to tell me that they went there and all of the "cool" things that they bought. And if I tell them that I bought a shirt or something there, they jump on me screaming, "WHY THE HELL DO YOU GO THERE? IT'S NOT YOUR STYLE!" But if I say I went anywhere else, they tell me how the only store they go to is Hot Topic. I don't care. Now, I know not everyone does this, I'm just saying what people around here do.
And I hate when all the people go in there and buy backpacks and shirts with the words HOT TOPIC scrawled all over them. And, this has happened before, one of my friends runs up to them screaming, "oh my gawd! Hot Topic?! I freakin' LOVE that store!" And he/she most likely doesn't even shop there.
One more thing, it feels like whenever I go in there and i'm not wearing all black, the employees (not all of them) and other "goth" customers (most of them) are... well, judging me, like I don't belong in "their" store. I know it sounds paranoid. But thats who I am. And about half of the people who shop at Hot Topic are trying to be someone other than themselves.
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[29 Jul 2005|05:17pm]

no offence but i think hot topic is one of the best stores out there. i mean i havent seen any close stores that sell "gothic" clothing. i no it can be pricey at times but if you can afford it, hey why the hell not. they also have a never ending supply of band shirts that i cant find anywhere else. also i love to get stickers and pins there too. find me a store that sells gothic clothing at a cheaper price pluss band stuff and maybe hot topic wouldnt be so hot.
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[26 Jul 2005|06:52pm]

Hi. I'm new to this community. I mostly came here with questions and just to mainly...vent.

it's a long oneCollapse )
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[22 Jul 2005|10:19pm]

3 of you think it's hot,|or not

New [18 Jul 2005|07:32pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello anti-Hot Topic members and pro-Hot Topic members alike.

I have two views on this topic. Im more anti than pro.

My ViewsCollapse )

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[06 Jul 2005|09:35pm]

Ok I once went into a department store and bought these cool UFO pants for 20 dollars. Then a few weeks later I saw them in Hot Topic for 40 dollars. Wtf?? I've bought a few things there. Like these big black baggy pants for 20 dollars cause they were on sale. They ripped after about a week. How fucking gay! They used to be 40 dollars too. I feel sorry for all of the unfortunate fucks who paid full price. Oh wait no I'm not.
I've now converted to shopping at thrift shops and department stores and now I'm making some of my own clothes. Except I must admit I still look at hot topic's sale rack. If there's something there remarkedly cheaper, I'll buy it, because it's most likely "so out of style" and no one else will be wearing it.
I also hate the people who shop there. Sometimes there will be kids in Abercrombie shirts looking around and someone will yell out "Prep!" and giggle. What the fuck? Isn't Hot Topic owned by Abercrombie?? And also I just love how they throw the word "poser" around so easily. I'll usually hear a bunch of PuNk RaWkErZ in Greenday shirts see someone walk in and say "Look at that poser! She has blonde hair and she's wearing skirt! by calling people posers it makes us more hardcore!!!1"

Now that I think about it...It's not really the store that sucks, but the people who shop there. I mean sometimes I'll need new clothes or see something cool there and buy it. I think it's ok to shop at Hot Topic, but in small quantities. At least show SOME indivduality. SHEESH.
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[24 Jun 2005|06:12pm]

hi, i joined just now. i found this community through a bunch of searches...yeah, i was bored.

So, i'm not a big hot topic shopper. i actually never go in there unless my friends want to. and even when my friends go in there, half the time it's to shoplift... but anyways, isn't hot topic just basically an mTV-fueled, capitalist (well obviously), chainstore? i mean, i have nothing against the fact that they're hopping on the bandwagon with whatever pays most (right now i'm pretty sure it's emo), it's just that the logos always include "all about the music" or whatever. it seems more like "all about fashion". i dunno, i just prefer not to shop there because it's an ever-changing pool of money.
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[07 Jun 2005|01:13am]

I guess they stay where the dollar is.
Has any one else noticed that Hot Topic is catering to the Emo thing now?
The store is like a wannabe kid who just goes along with whatever is "cool" at the moment.
I allready had a low opinion of crotch topic, and it just got lower.
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Hey, I just joined. [04 May 2005|10:55pm]

Hello everyone, I'm new here.
I am a Hot Topic shopper, and not ashamed of it. I'm not 'punk rock' or 'goth', I just like the fun T-shirts.
Since I work I feel that I can spend my money any way I want, even if it is on something you find overpriced.
I've heard people brag about how awesome they are because they make their own clothes and don't shop at Hot Topic. Sorry I'm not skilled enough to make my own stuff, and plus, why spend 20 bucks on fabric when I can spend 20 bucks on something that's already made?
So now I have a few points to make to all of you:
Who gives a shit if people pay more for clothes than you do? It's their money, they can blow it on whatever they please, be it drugs, food, or expensive clothes.
Why do you care if your style becomes popular and people hop on the bandwagon? When a style becomes popular it is a trend, and all trends eventually fade away, you only have to deal with 14 years old kids bitching about how depressed and goth they are for a short while.
Though those kids are very annoying, it isn't Hot Topics fault that they exist, Hot Topic isn't around to make your life suck, they're around to take your money.
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EVERYONE BUT ME IS A POSER [15 Apr 2005|12:11am]
the first way you can tell that hot topic is shitty is that it's in the m'fucking mall . that should be a big tip off right there. when you can walk next door and be in an abner crumbie store....the only reason a punk should be in the mall is to pee on things and/or freak out squares by peeing on them

there's really no question as to whether or not hot topic is a store of the posers, by the posers and for the posers. in fact, merely by walking by a hot topic store, you increase your poser factor by 6. to understand this, you have to first ask the question, what is punk?

punk means you wil' out and murder cats like all the god damn time. it means you get drunk at least drunk times a day and then kill lots of people with fucking guitar strings, record it on wax, and then sell it to people for $5 which you spend on drugs that you buy from the hells angels. you should also carry around a butterfly knife and a cigarette. hot topic doesn't allow you to do god damn near any of these things. also, you are a poser.

secondly, hot topic sucks.

if you are a hot topic patron, chances are you are a trendy ass 15 year old girl or a greenday fan (oops, i already said that). i think hot topics should have tattoo parlors in them so that when you're there, you can get a blink 182 stamp branded on across your cranium so we all know waht a dumbass you are and can legally run you down with our automobiles, plus i'm going to murder you.

the main fact of the matter is, most people suck, and punks know that, so they try to do something else, and then crappy people say, 'hey, what's that guy doin'? lets do that' and you're really just pissing him off and he's going to murder you with a lit cigarette. if you don't smoke cigarettes you're a poser. i'm not sure what the official position on cutting is, but maybe you should start that too, it couldn't hurt. you should also put something in a paper bag and drink out of it. it doesn't necessarily have to be alcohol, but it's better if it is since you might have to pour it on someone after you carve them up with your butterfly knife. and whatever you do, just remeber DIY, that means Dangerous Indigo Yamaka, because yamaccas ar efucking punk rock. you don't see them selling any of those at hot tpic? especially not the dangerous indigo variety. fucking die.
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Glad to have found this community [14 Apr 2005|08:28am]

Hello! Greetings to all of you! How are you all?

Now for my two cents:

I am a former Hot Topic Shopper. I used to shop there in 1999 to be exact. I liked it. Druid esque clothing. Lovely lamp beads. Hell, I liked it alot!
Then over the years, I noted a slight change. Disney T-shirts began to pop up everywhere. Aqua Teen Hungerforce began to pop up too. The majority of their store started catering to that! They even got rid of most of their Fraggle Rock and Sailor Moon T-shirts too. Most of their clothing is no longer goth or druid like. The store is beginning to look like Old Navy! I also know that it is extremely overpriced. My ex-boyfriend bought a cloth wristband for 7.50! What the hell? One cloth wristband! Are you shitting me? (Pardon my french.) You can get a better quality wristband at Debs for a dollar!
Also, Hot Topic does not carry the funky designs I used to love. Now I get those at Debs.
That's just my two cents. Thank you for listening.
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Haterizing [06 Apr 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

I'm kind of curious as to why a lot of people hate it when something they love becomes popular. It's like a lot of people can't deal with sharing something that they love with all of humanity. Has society become so greedy that we must hoard everything, including the intangible?

17 of you think it's hot,|or not

My two cents [22 Mar 2005|11:40am]

[ mood | okay ]

I'm not adamantly AGAINST Hot Topic by any means, since wasting my energy on that would be stupid, but here's my two cents on why I don't shop there, and what I have against it as a company.

Here's why:
1. Overpriced. I can get almost anything they sell cheaper somewhere else. Once I saw the same t-shirt I was wearing and had gotten for about 13 bucks being sold for about 18.
2. It totally tries to change its image as certain things get trendy. It used to be mostly "goth" stuff, now it's mostly "indie" and "emo" stuff. I think they need to pick a subculture, and stick with it if they want to appear in any way genuine as a provider of neat stuff to said subculture.
3. As much as they like to say they're about the music, they're not. They're about the fashion that goes with it. When they start selling music (the 5 HIM CD's stacked in massive quantities by the register don't count), THEN they can say they're about the music.
4. They take anti-corporate subcultures and attempt to make them corporate. You can't sell punk. Simple as that. You can look punk, and you can listen to punk, and you can act punk, but that doesn't mean you are. Hell, look at Jello Biafra. He goes on and on about how money corrupts people and shit, while stealing from the bands on his label (the rest of his own band sued him for this), and he has a goddamn elevator in his house. Remember: for every kid who knows their shit, and lives and breathes punk rock, there are a thousand Good Charlotte/Avril Lavigne clones out there asking all their friends if their spikey hair matches their tie.

Really I guess the hypocritical nature of Hot Topic is what turns me off of it. Their idea of a store that's about music is great, but their execution is horrendously flawed.

(By the way, I'm new here. Howdy.)

33 of you think it's hot,|or not

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